Business, like life, is not meant to be done alone. Our retreat is the foundation for meeting other designers like you who are making their own way through entrepreneurship alone.

We’re here to dust each other off and instill business besties who you can lean on in the dry seasons.

What will it be like?

The heart of Anima Collectio is building lasting community. That’s why we decided on an in-person retreat over all the virtual options we had available. We want to be in the same room as you — to be able to hug you and laugh with you.

We want a safe space where you can be yourself, ask those questions that you’ve been too afraid to ask, and find encouragement to grow as the businesswoman you are called to be.


you're speaking my language.

What makes this retreat different?

Besides the intentional community building, we are also going to have time to learn from each other and a guest speaker.

As business women, we are constantly learning, and in this space, we will cover ways to scale your business, setting boundaries, pricing your work, resources to use, design challenges to conquer, and so much more.

Along with those, Erika and Maggie believe that the best way to build community is through shared experiences, so we want this retreat to have FUN at the center of it.

That’s why for at least one day we’ll head into the Arches National Park and roam together outside!


We know you’re likely thinking, this all sounds amazing, but what about when we go back home? How are we going to stay connected?

Don’t worry friend, we want to have a year-long online community where we can share our hardships, continue to grow, and cheer each other on. We will have check-ins and make sure that even with miles between us, we are not a one-and-done retreat.

Continue growing in community

May 2023
Build lifelong friendships

What About After the Retreat?

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