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the founders of
anima collectio.

We're Erika and Maggie,

Us too.

Been longing to find your people to cheer you on, and pull you out of the design rut?

Frantically Googling things you “should” know already? 

Faced closed doors when you reach out to others asking for help? 

Been spiraling out of control as you build your business alone?

Hey Designer, have you:

We built this community becuase it was what we needed.

Anima Collectio grew out of the collective sharing of those trade secrets, intentionally supporting each other’s businesses, and finding freedom in asking those questions we “should know as designers”.

Anima Collectio was formed for YOU, the designer who has struggled to find community as they navigate solopreneurship.

Both Erika and Maggie saw the gap in the design community where fellow designers were viewed as competition rather than community equally deserving of support, encouragement and advice.



[latin for gathering]

[latin for soul]

soul gathering

for designers

Anima Collectio is a

Our intention is to be a safe place where you can meet others in your industry, test out new ideas, ask hard questions, and build community with your “competition”.

Sounds amazing, right?!

Ready to join in the adventure? Meet us in Moab!




Early Bird: $1,000

retreat details

If you’ve been longing for something like this, then we’d love to have you join us in Moab! Our first retreat is nestled in the red rocks of Utah, where we can foster community, learn from each other and bring adventure back into your home based business.

It's time to step outside of the four walls of your office and feel alive with in person community again.

Designer Retreat in Moab, Utah

May 3–7, 2023

Moab, Utah

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